XBox One Fight Sticks for Windows

This project is maintained by OOPMan

XBOFS.win v0.4.1

XBOFS.win allows you to use your XBO Fight Stick controller on Windows without having to install ancient, beta drivers and rewire buttons


Supported controllers


  1. Requirements
    1. Supported controllers
  2. Screenshots and Videos
  3. Installation
  4. Updating
  5. Usage
  6. Uninstallation
  7. Support
  8. FAQ
  9. Credits


  1. Windows 7 or newer
  2. 1 or more supported controllers

Screenshots and Videos

Initial program state when run: Program state after a supported controller is connected: Device manager displays the real connected controller as well as the virtual XB360 controller Steam only sees the virtual XB360 controller


  1. Browse to https://github.com/ViGEm/ViGEmBus/releases/latest and download the latest VigEmBus installer. If you are on Windows 7 you also need to download the files in the Windows 7 Prerequisites section
  2. Install VigEmBus and reboot
  3. Browse to https://github.com/OOPMan/XBOFS.win/releases/latest and download the latest XBOFS.win.zip bundle. Extract this bundle somewhere. I recommend the root of your C: drive
  4. Browse to https://zadig.akeo.ie and download the latest version of ZaDig to the XBOFS.win folder extracted in the previous step
  5. Open the ZaDig WinUSB driver installation guide and follow the instructions there to install a WinUSB driver for your supported controller. If you own multiple different supported controllers then you must repeat step 5 for each different supported controller


  1. Install OpenSSL from http://slproweb.com/products/Win32OpenSSL.html in order to enable the update check functionality. Without this installed the application is unable to check for updates


  1. Exit XBOFS.win
  2. Browser to https://github.com/OOPMan/XBOFS.win/releases/latest and download the latest XBOFS.win.zip bundle. Extract this bundle over your existing folder containg XBOFS.win, overwriting any files if asked
  3. Restart your computer


  1. Open the folder that you extracted the XBOFS.win.zip bundle into
  2. Run XBOFS.win.qt5.exe
  3. Connect your supported controller(s)
  4. Wait for the interface to indicate your device(s) is Reading input…. You may see a pop-up notification about a new XB360 controller(s) being detected, this is normal
  5. You can now minimize the XBOFS.win.qt5.exe window if you so choose. The application will minimise to the system tray by default
  6. You should now be able to play games using your supported controller(s). Any game that supports a standard XB360 controller should work, regardless of whether it is a Steam game, Windows store game or any other platform that supports the XB360 controller. Note that the input from the stick is mapped to the D-Pad on the virtual XB360 controller not the analog stick
  7. When you are done playing simply unplug your device(s) and pack them away. You can leave the application running minimized as it does not consume a large amount of memory or CPU time. You can exit the application using the File menu or the tray icon


  1. Hit Win + R
  2. Enter devmgmt.msc in the Run box and press enter
  3. Click View and then click Show hidden devices
  4. Locate the item in the tree labelled Universal Serial Bus devices
  5. Right-click the item associated with your supported controller and click Uninstall device
  6. In the dialog box, mark the checkbox labelled Delete the driver software for this device
  7. Click Uninstall
  8. Replug your supported controller. It will now use whichever driver was previously configured for it
  9. Delete the folder you extracted the XBOFS.win.zip bundle into


I extracted XBOFS.win.zip but can’t find XBOFS.win.qt5.exe

You may have accidentally download the source code. If the contents of the zip file look like this:

Source Code then you have downloaded the source code by mistake. Head back to step 3 of the installation guide and make sure the download the file XBOFS.win.zip. Do not download Source Code (zip) or Source Code (tar.gz), these do not contain the application.

XBOFS.win doesn’t seem to be able to detect my controller

This usually indicates an issue with the WinUSB driver installation. Please check the ZaDig WinUSB driver installation guide and confirm that when you plug in your controller, Device Manager updates to a state as displayed (controller name may differ):

Device Manager If this does not happen then you should follow the guide from step 1 to see if it fixes the problem. If your problem is still not fixed then please submit an issue

XBOFS.win doesn’t seem to be able to create a virtual XB360 Controller

This usually indicates an issue with the VigEmBus driver installation. Please confirm that the Virtual Gamepad Emulation Bus item appears in Device Manager under the System Devices node:

Device Manager If this item is missing you have not installed VigEmBus. Check the installation guide for details on how to do so. If your problem is still not fixed then please submit an issue

When I press buttons on my controller Windows acts like I am hitting keyboard keys or clicking the mouses

This problem occurs when XBox Configuration Support is enabled in Steam:

  1. Open Steam
  2. Click Steam -> Settings
  3. Click Controller -> General Controller Settings
  4. Uncheck Xbox Configuration Support
  5. Click Back The controller should now work as expected. If not, please submit an issue
I upgraded to a new version of XBOFS.win and now RetroArch isn’t recognising my controllers

This issue occurs if you were running the previous version, exited, upgraded to a new version, started the new version and then started RetroArch. In order to solve this issue you should reboot after upgrading XBOFS.win. If this does not fix the issue, please submit an issue

My problem isn’t listed here

Please do one of the following:

  1. Submit an issue on GitHub
  2. Message me on Reddit
  3. Join the XBOFS.win subreddit and post a question
  4. Join the Nefarius Software Solutions Discord server and ping @OOPMan


Why did you develop this piece of software?

Long story short, I bought a Razer Atrox on special and rather than return it I decided to see if I could work out why it didn’t work without jumping through a lot of hoops. The problemn ended up being solvable and here we are. More details can be found here

Can you support my device?

It’s very likely. Take a look at the device contributor guide to see how you can collect the data I need to do so…